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By: badhaircutt | May 26, 2016

These guys are amazing. Had an interesting conversation with them as well. They did our roof and were super professional so their name makes sense haha. We were going to go with another company but called this company to inquire and the pricing was worth it and they did a great job.

Professional Roofers

120 Industry St Unit B Toronto, ON

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Excellent Service!

By: mcg17 | March 21, 2016

I am a repeat customer at North Shore Eavestroughing, and would like to say that they have always been a pleasure to deal with. Last summer they installed new eaves troughs, soffits, etc at my home, and they look fantastic. This year they came back to repair some unforeseen damage, and were easy and professional to deal with. The ordering process was easy to facilitate, and the on site crew were friendly and professional, answering all questions that I had regarding the installation. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to have this sort of work done on their home.

North Shore Eavestroughing

133 Manville Road Unit 19 Toronto, ON

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leaking patio roof at front door

By: darla53 | November 15, 2014

We have contacted Roger and Brian of Brentwood Aluminum at least 8 - 10 times with the response of we will be there in so many weeks to fix this. This work was done in 2009 - 2010 which cost well in excess of 30k and is covered by warranty. Still nothing has been done and we are so fed up. We told them we are going to legal if this is not repaired ASAP but I guess they did not belief us. They were so persistent on getting paid completely before we could see if everything was working properly. They threatened to go to legal if they did not get paid immediately and it was not that long that they had finished the work. Well now it's our turn to make sure this problem is repaired. We have be SO patient but no longer!! We are tired of walking out of our front door into a puddle of water whenever it rains or snow melts.

Brentwood Aluminum Ltd

1121 12th St #7 Kamloops, BC

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By: Katie1310 | October 24, 2014

Gutter Gator cleaned my gutters earlier this year. Not only was it very inexpensive, but you'd never tell that they were here other than the gutters and downspouts being clean and working properly!! They took away all the "stuff" or debris from inside the gutters and took it away...... wonderful! They are my go-to people for gutters now and I have recommended them to others.

Gutter Gator

6000 Stoneridge Rd Duncan, BC

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Great Job

By: silver | August 11, 2014

Bob and his team have just completed re-roofing our flat roof at our home. Everything was completed as specified and the crew was very competent and friendly throughout. They kept the work area clean and tidy. We met with several flat roofing companies and we are very happy to have gone with Everest. Thanks!

Stay Away!!!

By: eridani60 | September 13, 2013

What a disaster!
After signing the proposal on May 30, we were told that we will hear from them in two weeks. More than 3 weeks passed without any news, so we called Debbie and were told we must wait another two weeks to hear from their accounting department regarding the deposit and work order date. July came around and still no contact from Better Contracting. We again called them, this time spoke to the accounting department, only to find out that our name was not to be found.
We were informed by owners of two separate homes that they were happy with the shingle product but not the crew or customer service. One owner also stated that subcontracting was used by Better Contracting.
So beware!
We didn’t call them again; after all, why beg the company for the “privilege” of giving them money. We called another company which by the way is number 1 and had the roof done; same shingle quality with great customer service..
So beware!

Great Job!

By: non-member | November 5, 2012

We had Tyslau & Sons remove the old vinyl siding from the front of our house and replace it with James Hardie Siding on the top 3/4s. We had an independent mason install a beautiful stone veneer on the bottom 1/4 and Tyslau and Son's went out of their way to work together with the Mason to create a beautiful end result. We couldn't be happier with them! They were polite & friendly and did an excellent job - their price was very competitive and they didn't expect payment until the last of the caulking was put on! We would definitely recommend them for this kind of reno! Thanks guys!

Tyslau & Son Contracting

935 Mcleod Ave #2 Winnipeg, MB

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St James resident

By: non-member | June 12, 2012

**** BUYER BEWARE**** Warranty means nothing to this company. Eavestroughs were not properly angled to let the water go down the downspouts and we called them time and time again and they never came back to reangle them. Also didn't put the edging strap on the corners so when it rains water pours out the corner seams. Neighbours also had similiar problems with them and they gave up trying to contact them because they ignore you once job is done. They say they are coming to fix problems and never ever show up. I have to scoop water out of gutters and push it towards downspout so they don't get too heavy and break away from the house. Also noticed alot of screws were missing that hold gutters to house so you can see gaps between fascia and the eavestroughs. Don't trust the selling tactics because once they have your money they disappear eventhough you supposedly get a warranty it means absolutely NOTHING.

Mc Caughan's Eavestroughing

1094 Pacific Trans Hwy 26 St Francois Xavier, MB

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